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Spring Break 2018

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General Information

  • Boys & Girls • Grades 1-12 • Half-Day, Daily, or Week Long Options • April 2nd-6th, 2018
  • If you find a class full, please register on the wait-list so that we can contact if you if space becomes available. We do our best to accommodate wait-listed students, who will be given priority if we are able to add another section of the class. We will then be in touch to confirm our ability to register your child.
  • Flexible drop-off and pickup times (8:30 am –5:30 pm) at no extra charge; earlier and later times by request for $5 per half hour per child per day.
  • Most camps are half-day, but two half-day camps are often combined for a full-day camp. Lunchtime supervision provided; bring your own lunch.
  • Full-day camps: 9:00 am –5:00 pm • Half-day mornings: 9:00 am –12:30 pm • Half-day afternoons: 1:30–5:00 pm
  • Half-day camps range in price from $195 to $325 per week and full day camps from $395 to $695 per week.
  • Small class size and personalized instruction. Shop classes limited to 6 students per instructor. Most computer classes limited to 8 students per instructor.
  • Newton’s Attic supplies the computers for all computer based classes.
  • If any class has not met the minimum of three students required for the class to run by one week prior to the start date, we may cancel the class to free up the instructor and class space for other classes which may have waiting lists. Should this need to happen, we will inform affected families immediately.

Color Code Guide

Grades 1-3 Grades 3-5 Grades 5+ Grades 6+ Grades 8+ Girls Only

Morning Classes

  • Kerbal Space Program (Grades 5 and up) - Just about everyone has heard of Minecraft, but there is another computer game phenomenon that is just as much fun and much more educational. It’s called Kerbal Space Program, and its popularity is skyrocketing. In this computer based camp, students will learn how to use the game software to create and manage their own mini […]
  • Kiddie Chemistry (Grades 1-3) - Formulated for the youngest of Newton’s Attic participants, Kiddie Chemistry offers all the fun of our older kids’ chemistry camp tailored to 1st through 3rd graders. Bubbling potions, flash paper experiments, glow in the dark liquids and other mystifying phe- nomena will be the reaction products in this fun and stimulating excursion into the world […]
  • Lego Robotics (Grades 3 and up) - This multi-level course is structured for beginners with no Lego robotics experience as well as students with some programming experience. The small class size (no more than twelve students) allows for individualized instructional pace. Students will be taught to build and program a robot and will learn how to use the NXT’s motors and sensors […]

Afternoon Classes

  • Camp Chemistry (Grades 3 and up) - Glowing water, blue and red flames, and mountains of oozing foam are everyday occurrences in Camp Chemistry at Newton’s Attic. This camp will expose students to the fun and sometimes bizarre world of chemistry, chemical reactions and exciting things that can be made with the right mixture of knowledge, chemicals and materials. In addition to playing with (safe) […]
  • DaVinci Kids (Grades 1-3) - Science, Math, Engineering, Art: Da Vinci was a master of it all. In this class designed exclusively for young developing minds, students get to follow in his footsteps by engaging in a variety of stimulating activities that cut across a wide range of disciplines. Tool use, building and engineering, chemistry and biology, art and design, […]
  • SwordCraft (Grades 6 and up) - Swords have been around for about 5,000 years and are simple and easy to use. Well, not really. There is much more science and engineering to a sword than meets the eye, and skillfully using one takes considerable practice. In this class, students will make wooden and pvc swords and learn about engineering related topics […]

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