Pinewood Derby Car Build Sessions

2018 Schedule


When: Saturday, January 20th 11AM-3PM

Who: Scouts preparing for the Pinewood Derby Car races, their families and
several Newton’s Attic Eagle Scouts and staff to assist you.

Where: 4974 Old Versailles Road in Lexington. From Lexington, take
Versailles Road toward the airport and go 1.6 miles past Man O War (at the airport) to a left onto Old Versailles
Road. We are your first left, just before the Carpet Barn in the olive green building in the gravel lot. 

Cost: $15 for the first child, $25 for two siblings, $30 for three or more children from the same family. We accept
cash (preferred), checks or credit cards.

Time: Stay as long as you like between 1:00 and 5:00 PM on January 14th.  Plan to work an hour to two depending on the complexity of your car and if you plan to just cut or also paint and put on wheels.

Required RSVP: So that we can staff appropriately, please fill out the RSVP form at This Link to let us know when you will be coming and with how many children.

What You Need: You will need to bring your own car kit and weights. You can purchase weights at Hobby Town
or Michaels (both open Sundays) or at Hobby Lobby (NOT open Sundays). We will have a digital scale and will
also provide a place to paint and paint brushes but only the spare paint we already have, so if you want a certain
color, please bring it.

How it works: Newton’s Attic will provide a workshop, work tables, two bandsaws, a scroll saw, two drill
presses, a belt sander, lots of hand tools, sandpaper, a digital scale and several Newton’s Attic staff to assist
parents and Scouts with their cars. We will have a practice wooden race track but not an official Derby Car track,
and we’ll have copies of the Derby Car Build rules and some sample templates. We have wi-fi and a printer, so
please bring your computers if you’d like to find and print different templates. We also have water fountains and
a lounge area for tag along family members.

Other important information: One adult must stay with the children s/he brings. We will have staff on hand to
assist but not enough for every Scout, so plan to work with your child. We let children use power tools and will
provide safety training on the machines. If you are not comfortable with your child using a tool, you may use it
for him or ask us to. We provide safety glasses, but you and your Scout should wear closed-toed shoes, and long
hair should be pulled back. We will also ask that you remove loose clothing that could get caught in a
machine. We sell snacks on site, but you may bring your own. We have a fridge, toaster oven and microwave.
Papa John’s in Palomar delivers to us.

Contact:, Office phone: 859-368-7334