Afterschool Programs

Newton’s Attic offers several after school programs to broaden the horizons of any students interested in match and science.  Watch this space for information about our next session.  Some examples of recent offerings are shown below:


  • Biology for Homeschoolers- Designed to increase and enhance a basic understanding of life, this introductory biology course provides foundational skills for any student with an interest in exploring the natural sciences. Topics of discussion will include the properties of life, levels of organization, the scientific method, cell theory, and DNA. Students will have the opportunity to work in […]
  • Bricks4Kidz- Bricks4Kidz is a partner of Newton’s Attic and holds classes at our facility, but registrations must be done through them and payment made to them. Although their registration system doesn’t show this option, Bricks4Kidz is offered on a class-by-class basis for $15 per class. Register without paying and pay for the class when you come.
  • Teens & Tools- Teens & Tools is a program for students 10 and older with varying levels of experience using tools and building projects. This structured, supervised class introduces students to engineering process and hand and power tool use. Students work in the shop on age appropriate projects for the duration of the class. More experienced students can […]