Wargames: Castle Siege (Grades 5 and up)

Rising from the ground is a mighty castle fortress, and its job is to protect those inside.  Advancing on the castle is an army intent on conquering it. Each group has with them the tools of siege: catapults, bows and arrows, slingshots and similar weapons.  The army gets closer and the tension rises. Prepare to fight! This is castle Siege!

In this dynamic engineering camp students learn about design by building catapults, slingshots, simple PVC bows and a Kentucky Long Rifle rubber band gun (We know, it’s bit removed from the medieval genre, but they are still fun to build and use.). Once each project is built, the class goes outside, divides into two teams, and takes position either in the castle or the army. Armed with water balloons, foam-tipped arrows, nerf balls, and giant rubber bands, a lighthearted siege begins. Players get to test their creations in a fun and unique way as they take on each other in this exciting camp. This class builds skills in tool use, engineering design and knowledge of energy transfer and projectile motion.

Summer Sessions