WarGames (Grades 5 and up)

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Part action, part engineering, and a big part of pure fun defines this camp. Each day in this thrill packed experience, each student will design and use tools in the shop to construct their own mechanical device that shoots, propels or otherwise launches some sort of (safe) projectile that will be used in a paintball style activity. Mechanisms include pvc bows for archery tag(google it), sling shots, foam rocket launchers and a modern day atlatl. Each day, after designing and working in the shop, students will use their devices in competitions in the outdoor Newton’s Attic Wargames arena, a field filled with obstacles through which students chase each other. On the 5th day, the class will be divided into two groups, and each team will be given a quantity of materials form which to construct a car sized fort. Instructors will discuss basic engineering and fabrication techniques that work to strengthen the forts as much as possible. When the forts are complete, each team will then use the Newton’s Attic giant Balista and some heavy, hard projectiles( think bowling balls) to try to destroy the other team’s fort(No, students will not be occupying the forts at this point.). So, let’s suit up in plenty of safety gear and have a ball exploring the science and engineering of things that shoot in this exciting camp.

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