Raspberry Pi Programming (Grades 7 and up)

The Raspberry Pi computer is a small, inexpensive and versatile computer that can be incorporated into countless fun and educational enterprises. No larger than a deck of cards, the R-Pi is perfect for many Newton’s Attic style projects, and that is exactly how it will used by students who participate in this class. Participants will learn the basic characteristics of the R-Pi, how to program it, and how to use it in projects like dancing light boards, simple electronic games and fun home automation gadgets. Not only do students learn programming and how to use cutting edge technology, they will be exposed to tool use, mechanical design and circuitry while creating their inventions. At the end of the class, students keep their projects (bring a flash drive!) along with the Raspberry Pi computer if you choose to purchase the associated merchandise for $75. The same Raspberry Pi can be used for many projects.

Summer Sessions