MakerBoard Mayhem (Grades 5 and up)

From video games to phone apps to the space station, code is found everywhere. Never written code before? No worries – once you grasp it, the possibilities are endless! You’ll learn by working hands-on. Your instructor will guide you through building and coding projects that sense and react to the real world. Want to build an electronic piano? Send coded messages with light? Create a reflex trainer? You’ll build all these and more. Experimenting and learning doesn’t have to end at camp.  If you choose to purchase the maker board and take home your creations you can continue learning from more than 20 free projects at

Maker Board is a tiny, simple computer that you can learn to program in minutes. It was developed in Kentucky by our friends at It is designed as a first step to bridge between the real world and code. The code you develop is compatible with the widely used Arduino architecture so there are many opportunities to use the lessons learned in your home projects.

Summer Sessions