Intro to Android App Development (Grades 6 and up)

That smartphone in your pocket has more computing power than all of NASA did in the 60’s and 70’s(Despite that, they managed to put a man on the moon!). So, just contemplate what your child could accomplish if he or she knew how to harness that much computing power. With the availability of android phones and the android development environment, developing your own app is easier than ever. Students who take this class will be introduced to the android development environment and be shown how to use it to deploy their first app. The class will use Java and markup language for development. The students will be able to download and take home their apps and source code and edit them from there. Young entrepreneurs who wish to publish their apps to the Google play store will be shown how, but actually publishing the app to the store requires a $25 fee paid to Google. Students will leave this class with functioning apps that could do anything from view the camera feed, to display sensor information.
Summer Sessions