Game On! (Grades 3-5)

Defending castles, breaking codes and chasing gold coins are just a few of the exciting activities we’ll do in this internet video game based adventure. However, the real fun of this class is developing the critical thinking skills needed to conquer these games. These skills consist of applying parts of the scienti c method to problem solving: data collection, analysis of data, and the formation of conclusions based on that data. That is what this class does, and it does it in a fun way by studying how to play a select group of games that develop logical thinking skills, test perception time, employ spatial recognition and word use analysis. Kids in this camp will be introduced to one game at a time and strategies will be developed to conquer the challenges each game poses. There will be class discussions, data collection about the nature and rules of the games, and from this, students will create unique approaches to playing the games(that is, solving problems). Sure, there will plenty of game playing in this camp, but what they are really doing is learning how to approach any problem that may come their way.

Summer Sessions