Don’t Try This At Home (Grades 5 and up)

The name says it all. It’s the one phrase that strikes terror in the hearts of moms
everywhere. It’s also the one phrase that almost guarantees that kids will try to do
something unwise in the basement or garage. But fear not, the purpose of this camp is to help youngsters vent the natural desire to do ‘exciting’ things, and we’ll do them here at Newton’s Attic – all under close adult supervision – saving you all the headaches.

Most of the activities will be science related stunts or things presented on Youtube that would otherwise very difficult or costly to do at home. Running through a kiddie pool filled with ooblek or igniting balloons filled with hydrogen gas (remotely from a safe distance) are a couple of examples of what we’ll get into in this week of guilty pleasures. So grab your safety glasses, earplugs, heavy gloves (all provided by Newton’s Attic) and let’s create some excitement!


$59.50/day – $275/week

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General Information

  • All camps are only one-week long, Monday-Friday. Please see below for dates offered.
  • Flexible drop-off and pickup times (8:30 am –5:30 pm) at no extra charge; earlier and later times by request for $5 per half hour per child per day.
  • Most camps are half-day, but two half-day camps are often combined for a full-day camp. Lunchtime supervision provided; bring your own lunch.
  • Half-day mornings: 9:00 am –12:30 pm • Half-day afternoons: 1:30–5:00 pm • Full-day camps: 9:00 am –5:00 pm
  • If you find a class full, please register on the wait-list so that we can contact if you if space becomes available. We do our best to accommodate wait-listed students, who will be given priority if we are able to add another section of the class. We will then be in touch to confirm our ability to register your child.
  • If any class has not met the minimum of three students required for the class to run by one week prior to the start date, we may cancel the class to free up the instructor and class space for other classes which may have waiting lists. Should this need to happen, we will inform affected families immediately.
  • Use the grade your child will be entering next fall to determine age appropriate camps.
  • There are no classes on Memorial Day or July 4th. The prices have been adjusted for the four-day camp week.
  • Newton’s Attic supplies the computers for all computer based classes.
  • Small class size and personalized instruction. Shop classes limited to 6 students per instructor. Most computer classes limited to 8 students per instructor.

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