Don’t Try This At Home (Grades 5 and up)

The name says it all. It’s the one phrase that strikes terror in the hearts of moms
everywhere. It’s also the one phrase that almost guarantees that kids will try to do
something unwise in the basement or garage. But fear not, the purpose of this camp is to help youngsters vent the natural desire to do ‘exciting’ things, and we’ll do them here at Newton’s Attic – all under close adult supervision – saving you all the headaches.

Most of the activities will be science related stunts or things presented on Youtube that would otherwise very difficult or costly to do at home. Running through a kiddie pool filled with ooblek or igniting balloons filled with hydrogen gas (remotely from a safe distance) are a couple of examples of what we’ll get into in this week of guilty pleasures. So grab your safety glasses, earplugs, heavy gloves (all provided by Newton’s Attic) and let’s create some excitement!

Summer Sessions