Creative Aviation (Grades 5 and up)

After learning about aerodynamics, wing plan forms, airfoils, balance and flight controls, each student will construct a large custom glider using foam board, wood and glue. Several great flying designs are available. These creations will be launched using our high-tension accelerator to put some serious air under their wings. Students will use their crafts to engage in a series of challenges including flight distance, time of flight, payload capability and precision landing tasks with an award given for the best overall performance. Our instructor, Keith Hollifield, has successfully built and flown hundreds of aircraft, and he stands ready to assist students who are ready to venture outside the box. This is precision work. Students should be prepared to use discipline, focus and patience to complete this course. Everyone keeps the aircrafts they create in this course, and some can later be adapted to radio control for use at home or elsewhere.


Summer Sessions