Camp Katniss: Bow Design, Build and Archery (Grades 5 and up – Girls Only!)

Almost every young girl knows who Katniss Everdeen is, and she has mystified us with amazing archery skills on the movie screen (thank you Hollywood special effects).  In Camp katniss, not only will girls learn real archery skills, but each student will design and build her own bow in the Newton’s Attic wood shop.  Here, girls will learn engineering design and tools use and even incorporate a little math and physics while they construct their bows.  Once their bows are completed, the all female class will move to the archery range to begin developing recognized archery skills and practices under close, experienced adult supervision.  We can’t guarantee that girls learn to be as proficient with a bow as Katniss is, but all will gain many new skills, make new friends and have a great time.

Summer Sessions