Camp Kaboom! (Grades 9 and Up)

Be the envy of the block this 4th of July and show up Dad this year with the best fireworks show ever! In this camp, young pyromaniacs will learn how to take commercially available (and legal) fireworks and arrange them into a spectacular display of lights, action and sound. Campers will use tools in the shop to create and test fireworks equipment, design associated items and techniques used in pyrotechnic shows, and actually construct simple and safe (and again, legal) fireworks. Instructors will discuss the basic chemistry associated with pyrotechnics and even touch on the psychology that helps to create memorable fireworks displays. At the end of the week, each student will design and present a fireworks show to all the campers at Newton’s Attic. So be prepared to be dazzled in this exciting and colorful excursion into the world of fireworks. Mom’s, don’t worry, proper safety techniques and practices will be taught and strongly emphasized throughout the camp.

Summer Sessions