3D Game Design (Grades 7 and up)

This is going to be one ‘unreal’ camp! There is no question that computer games have influenced the way media is consumed by children and adults alike, and games are continually becoming more powerful and more lifelike. Building your own 3 dimensional game is no longer impossible, and the technology is accessible. This class will teach students to use the Unreal engine to develop a game of their own design. The Unreal engine is free to use and download, and only incurs a fee if you decide to sell your game for a profit (making it perfect for young developers!). Not only is Unreal engine a popular choice for current developers with many new releases using it, it also supports mobile and virtual reality development. Students will leave this class with a simple, working 3D game of their own design and the knowledge to expand or develop brand new projects in the Unreal engine.
Summer Sessions