Vanya Bistrekova – Instructor

Vanya graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in Biosystems Engineering in 2016 and became a certified EIT in 2017. She has led undergraduate research teams, worked in a professional engineering setting, and presented at state, national, and international science and engineering conferences. In her free time, Vanya has worked on small solar panel projects and helped friends build their websites. She also enjoys taking apart old gadgets, whether for repurposing or simply learning how they work, and loves to learn by teaching others. In good weather, she can be found hiking in the Gorge or biking around Lexington, and she hopes to bring her love of the outdoors to her work at Newton’s Attic.

Vanya has alternately worked at and volunteered for Newton’s Attic since 2016, participating in everything from birthday parties to full-day events and even multiple-week programs. She has also been an invited speaker at science clubs and events for preschool, elementary, and middle school grade levels and has tutored Calculus up through the college level. She is very excited to be joining Newton’s Attic in the Summer of 2018 as an instructor for two introductory Python programming classes and to be a part of all the other events going on as Newton’s Attic continues to grow. Vanya also hopes to participate in many future Newton’s Attic programs and to use her skills, knowledge, and time as an instructor to make a positive contribution to the broader Lexington community.