Sana Aslam

Sana Aslam is a rising freshman at Yale University. She is a science literacy enthusiast and for the past three years has worked to characterize retinal regeneration in the Morris Lab at the University of Kentucky. It was there that her mentor Sara Perkins encouraged her to get involved with Newton’s Attic.

Sana is passionate about stories, the human experience, and inspiring young people to expand their minds and achieve greatness. At school, she is involved in several educational outreach initiatives pertaining to school climate and diversity. In her free time, she volunteers weekly as a math and writing tutor at the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning.

Sana can also almost always be found streaming international films on Netflix, learning a new language (she currently speaks four), reading and writing poetry, and spending time with her friends. She is so excited to be working at Newton’s Attic and will be working with Da Vinci Kids, GoldieBlox, Fig Newtons and Kiddie Chemistry.