Michael Halwes

Michael Halwes is a graduate of the University of Louisville, earning
his Bachelor’s in Bioengineering in the Spring of 2017. Michael
first became connected with Newton’s Attic when he met Bill Cloyd
through the Paul Laurence Dunbar Robotics team and Dunbar’s MSTC
Engineering Problems class. Michael started volunteering at Newton’s
Attic in the Summer of 2012, and he began teaching at Newton’s Attic
in the Summer of 2013, when he taught the Wrestling Robots class
alongside Robert McGillivray, another current Newton’s Attic instructor.
Michael has continued to volunteer at the Newton’s Attic over
the years, helping out with various summer camps in between semesters
abroad in Germany, where he works for a biomedical device
company designing and constructing artificial lung support devices.