Lauren Tallio

Lauren Tallio is a recent graduate of the University of Louisville’s
Speed School of Engineering where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree
in Civil Engineering. She will be working at Newton’s Attic as she
begins her Master’s degree in Water Resource Engineering. At the
University of Louisville, Lauren was involved in the Student Government
Association, Alternative Service Break Board, the American
Society of Civil Engineers, and the Conn Center for Renewable Energy
Research. She also currently works for the Speed School Office of
Admissions, where she will be the Graduate Assistant for the 2017-
2018 school year. Lauren enjoys to travel in her free time and even
had the opportunity to teach engineering classes in a middle school
in Botswana, Africa last summer. She looks forward to teaching again
and hopes to get kids excited about engineering. Lauren is looking
forward to joining her younger sister Morgan, who has been a Newton’s
Attic instructor for the past two summers.