Abram Gornik

Abram Gornik hails from the Big Island of Hawaii, and from a very
diverse educational background. Raised in a family that runs both a
construction enterprise and a successful educational non-profit, he has
participated in both endeavors from a young age first as student and
apprentice, and then as instructor. Abram has a wealth of experience in
service learning, community building, sports, carpentry, wilderness adventures,
and youth programs of all kinds. His deep background in music
and technology and his infectious love of learning allow him to share
equally with students of all ages. A cancer survivor from the age of 9,
Abram’s unique life journey has brought him a depth of understanding
and openness and he brings a spark of creativity to his work in carpentry,
building, videography, musical composition, or anything requiring
a computer interface. Abram has completed two summer sessions at
Newton’s Attic.